Meat Processing in Minnesota

At Lonsdale Country Market, we offer custom butchering of beef, pork, lamb, deer, and wild game processing to our community in South Metro Minnesota. We pride ourselves on our modern onsite meat processing facility, which is fully equipped for custom cutting of meat, grinding the meat, sausage production, vacuum packing, and labeling your meat to custom specifications. So, when hunting season comes around, you know exactly where to bring your game. If you want your meat to have that mouth-watering taste, come on down to Lonsdale Country Market.

High-Quality Cuts

Our meat products are of the highest quality in South Metro, Minnesota. This is because our cuts are neat and professional, made for easy cooking and the perfect bite. We accomplish exceptional quality with a modern facility, proper equipment, and techniques that have been passed down generations. The ultimate proof of our hard work is in our customers who keep coming back to us year after year, satisfied in a way that only comes from exceptional taste and cut quality.

Most Common Questions About Processing

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What is the advantage of buying a whole or a half of beef or hog?

A clean meat cutting process with local, well-trained employees that are skilled butchers vs. a messy massive meat cutting floor at a Chicago meat factory. The messy meat cutting floor is where most of your box stores get their meat. With Lonsdale Country Market our cows are raised locally, cut in our very clean USDA inspected facility.

Each animal is cut one at a time (no comingling of animals, or comingling of cuts) rather than large plants where animals from all of over the world are combined into mixed hamburger. Our local farmers that provide our beef and pork for processing are clean, disease free animals. They are raised in pastures surrounded by nature vs. massive feed lots with animals stacked one on top of the other.

When it comes to what you give your family doesn’t it make sense to choose high quality meat with a superior taste? Choose to have your meat processed at Lonsdale Country Market!